The Spanish band  Cravat  and the US singer and songwriter  Vania  asked for my collaboration to enhance the message of their original song  Only You  with the creation of a  lyric video  for this track.

This video clip was created as a work of art in itself and as an asset for the advertising campaign that both artists launched in early 2024 to announce the release of this track in digital music platforms.


Using  After Effects  as the main edition tool, this audiovisual work was created combining  three different sources :

The original lyrics of the song, written by Vania and applied in a modified Google Fonts typeface

A video of tree branches swaying in the wind, seen through a grainy window pane

A video with visuals by Liquid Sky Analogic, taken from another Cravat's original track

Together, they create  an instant crush of a lyric video  about longing, yearning and healing, unravelling over a melody endlessly modulating from minors to majors.



Track _ Only You
Artist _ Cravat & Vania
Music & lyrics _ Cravat & Vania
Production _ Cravat
Additional production _ Elliot Jacobson
Mix & master _ Mike Tuccillo
MoGraph & video edition _ PrRmB!
Additional visuals _ Liquid Sky Analogic
Year _ 2023


Visual concept _ PrRmB! & Cravat
Edition _ PrRmB!
Videos _ Trees behind a grainy window pane by Carlos Contreras | Visuals for Cravat's track Herds by Liquid Sky Analogic

* In spite of having been cut, edited, modified, loosely translated and remixed,  all sources (quotations, pictures and videos) appearing in this piece have been used with the utmost respect  - despite the will to create something completely new upon them.

 PrRmB!   (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 EN)

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