Out of Control  is an original track by artivist  Chinowski Garachana , remixed by musician and teacher  Animatek  for the album "Grains on the Floor Vol. 2" (Toroide records, 2022).

To close the section of visual collaborations that complete this musical project, I was invited to create an audiovisual piece based on the title that I wanted to choose freely from the list of tracks that were still available: some of the most prominent visualists and video artists on the Spanish scene participated in this project by creating their own video pieces.


Inspired by my life experience in the town where I live (Málaga, a city extremely focused, since 2015, on mass tourism) I decided to make a portrait of the social and cultural reality that surrounds me, talking about both its problems and potential solutions that can be addressed to mitigate the impact of real estate speculation, gentrification, nepotism, inequality and social prejudice: although they have permeated Málaga society, they are not impossible to reverse.
In short, it is a video that tries to encourage individuals and communities to decide to actively take back all possible control in ordering a stressed city, its culture and coexistence in general terms, so that it also favors them and not only to tourism, hotel and restaurant businessmen.

In  my statement for this project  you can read about my approach to the  video .



Teslaradio’s "Grains" project germinated during a dark, difficult and very uncertain time: the strict Spanish first COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020. However, despite the subsequent restrictions and the concurrence of other eventualities, during the following two years the growth of the "Grains" project was practically limitless, thanks to the union of many people in a collaborative free-form collective with no geographical borders, which turn a grain into a vast body of aerial roots with multiple sound and audiovisual ramifications.
Now as then - as I write this in mid-September 2022-, we are once again living in complicated times. Or, perhaps, we are living through a crisis conveniently eternalised by the actions of small groups and entities that want to continue reaping profits based on the only effort practised on their trade: to devalue the quality of the life, the work (plus its income) and the urban, rural and natural spaces where most of us live.
Since the flashing of the first light and its subsequent beamings, Art has been capturing the physical, political, economic, social, intellectual, etc. landscape of each era, in a continuous and endless process. With my visual contribution to Animatek’s remix of the track "Out of Control" by Teslaradio, and using only three resources (text, map and video footage), I have captured a portrait of the landscape I know best: the one that surrounds me (so similar in its problems to that of others located miles away).
This videocreation may age badly: as a geographical and mental drift, it is anchored to a very specific place and time. However, its coda (in tune with the spirit of the whole "Grains" project) is an invitation of perennial validity for you to be encouraged to create projects and to grow by developing ideas and initiatives, either to generate divergent inertias against an adverse, abusive or monotonous reality, or to simply just meet others with the excuse of sharing the joy of seeing a gesture, an event or a process to happen, thus turning into tangible reality, a possibility for change or simply a source of shared pleasure what a famous graffiti on a wall in Granada told us to do:   The world is in darkness. Enlighten your part  .

OUT OF CONTROL English Version | Click here for the Spanish version



Track _ Out of Control (original version by Teslaradio and Bacterio Electron. Album Grains, Sevendipia records. 2021)
Remix _ Animatek
Album _ Grains on the floor Vol 2
Label _ Toroide records
Year _ 2022


Visual concept _ PrRmB!
Video remixing & motion graphics _ PrRmB!
Words _ PrRmB!
The motto "The world is in darkness. Enlighten your part" is a freely translation into English of the original quotation in Spanish "El mundo está oscuro, ilumina tu parte" drawn from an original artwork (now disappeared) in the streets of Granada by Raúl Ruiz a.k.a. Sex (69) a.k.a. El Niño de las Pinturas.
Málaga original map _ Spanish National Geographic Institute. Ministry of Public Works.
Málaga walking tour original videos _ Málaga City port Spain lovely night lights summer 2022 June update Costa del Sol Andalucía [4K] by Kriel Jan | Málaga nightlife district 2022 full tour by Rami Travel | Málaga Spain city walk September 2021 4K HDR walking tour by Japan Potato | Benalmádena Spain beach walk Málaga Costa del Sol September 2022 [4K] by Morning Nhu

* In spite of having been cut, edited, modified, loosely translated and remixed,  all sources (quotations, pictures and videos) appearing in this piece have been used with the utmost respect  - despite the will to create something completely new upon them.

 PrRmB!   (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 EN)

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