ExperimentaLab is  a live sonovisual creative event  . It is curated and organised by  Chinowski Garachana  and  Transdisciplina A/V , with the collaboration of the  Universidad de Málaga  Contenedor Cultural and its Vicerrectorado de Cultura.

I collaborated in the ExperimentaLab's late November 2022 edition creating live visuals for two musical sets of 40 and 50 minutes, respectively: one, previously rehearsed and prepared with Teslaradio; another, improvised live for Umbrafono.


Both visual sessions were built using only  GL Mixer 

As the editing software used to create the files with the visuals for each session, all made up of nothing but GLSL assets.
As the VJ software used to launch and to play live with the visuals created for each artist's set.



The visual session for Umbrafono's analog electronica set was improvised and built from a collection of GLSL files with geometric compositions in strict black and white.
This sober visual aesthetic fits in conceptually with the most technical part of this project: the sonovisual databending that allows Enrique del Castillo to make music from the optical-analog reading system used in the cinema since 1919 to interpret the soundtracks that are part of the movies.


The visuals session for Teslaradio's live modular set was based on abstract generative fields of colour, noise, light and darkness in which, at times, flashes of contemporary socio-economic and political current affairs showed up (police and institutional violence on the Africa/Europe border in "Borders"; the gentrification and touristification of the city of Málaga in "Out of Control").
The other leg of this live A/V set was the celebration of and tribute to some of the 20th century's pioneering figures in early electronic and avant-garde clasical music, like Luther Alvin I Am Sitting in a Room and Aaron Copland Musical ideas.



Curation _ El Sueño de Tesla, Transdisciplina A/V
Collaborators _ Contenedor Cultural UMA, Vicerrectorado de Cultura UMA
Graphic Design _ Alexis Cruzado Pérez
Audiovisual Coverage _ Marta Porto Diz
Acknowledgements_ Many thanks to Marta Porto Diz for her video (used in this page's header banner background) capturing the music, visuals and vibe shared by artists and audience at that event


Music _ Enrique del Castillo feat. Umbrafono Visuals _ PrRmB!

Music _ Teslaradio Visuals _ PrRmB!

MEME VIRAL ___ Music _ Teslaradio, remixed by Cravat Visuals _ Elimaginario, remixed by PrRmB!
BORDERS ___ Music _ Teslaradio, remixed by Structweird Visuals _ PrRmB!, remixing graphic and audiovisual assets taken from Chinowski Garachana, Rogelio López Cuenca Bienvenidos et al. artworks and video pieces

* In spite of having been cut, edited, modified, loosely translated and remixed,  all sources (quotations, pictures and videos) appearing in this piece have been used with the utmost respect  - despite the will to create something completely new upon them.

 PrRmB!   (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 EN)

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